About us

In 2014 the Ryberg-Ericsson family, owners of a small KRAV-certified farm of 30ha in the village Rasgärde, made the decision to plant trees and shrubs producing fruit and berries desirable for refining into beverage. Now the harvest is a weighted balance between apples and the farms original agriculture, crops and grass for haylage. Since then we’ve planted and acquired orchards that today reach the altogether size of about 10ha. To take care of the individual tastes and characters of the very unique kinds of apples we have, organic and KRAV-certified, has become our speciality. 

The company Köpings Musteri AB is run by a close team and family with a true interest for farming. The Ryberg-Ericsson family, Lena and Anders with their children Johanna and Benjamin. Also on the team is Vinter Karlsson and Kalle Hoffman.      

You can read about our environmental policy here.