About us

Environment policy Köpings Musteri AB

We will through transparence and engagement in the envoronmental issues help also our customers, employees and the public understand the importance of this comitment. The environment issues are a natural part of our work.

Please read on:

  • We shall with a broad perspective and constant improvement reduce our environmental impact.
  • Our production will benefit a multitude of species.
  • Wes hall follow and take into practice all regulations in the environmental area put upon us by the law and of course by our organic certifier KRAV. Not stopping there though. We keep working at this for the sake of our fruits, our product, our children and the earth. li>
  • We will use natures resources sparingly and use certified electricity.
  • Human health and safety always comes first. li>
  • All new production, and old, will be revised to see how they effect our impact on the environment.
  • We will strive to educate ourselves and our customers/guests in sustainable farming and production according to nature’s resources.
  • We will demand that our suppliers do the same.
  • We will openly present work in a transparent way.
  • We will take full responsibility for recycling of our consumer packaging through a commitment with our partner TMR and VAFAB.

Fin jordstruktur

In our village of Rasgärde in Northern Munktorp in 2014 we decided to plant crops that would be the base of a beverage. Apples for juice and cider are now an important part of the farm’s income in good company of grain and hey and silage. To tend to the uniqeness of the individual apple varieties as a certified organic beverage has become our sepciality. Since 2015 we have planted and acquired orchards around 10 ha. 6000 trees.

The business Köpings Musteri AB is run by the family Ryberg-Ericsson in the small village of Rasgärde.

Lena Ryberg-Ericsson, Johanna Ryberg, Anders Ericsson and Benjamin Ryberg-Ericsson. Johanna and Lena work full time in the business.

Lena one day in the harvest- There is always a shortage of time!

Lena Ryberg-Ericsson is the CEO for Köpings Musteri AB. All chores has to be done- from exchanging the hydraulic hoses when they break to dealing with the administrative chores (Sometimes when it’s too hard the younger generation helps out. They are quicker and stronger) It’s an overwhelming feeling at times. Luckily the orchard is so beautiful and soothing!

Anders Ericsson is born on the farm in Rasgärde village. He works with agricultural matters at Hushållningssällskapet in Västerås. There he is responsible for trials of new crops and farming methods. His knowledge about farming is comforting in stressful situations.

Johanna Ryberg is the farm manager. Her speciality is taste and scent. Our taste master! (She also has a secret skill, she drives crappy tractors with heavy loads in narrow and difficult situations like no other.) Her job consists of mixing ciders, bottling, leading the work during the picking, hold tastings and selling beverages to our clients. When she isn’t riding dressage horses, her own as well as others, here in Sweden or in Germany.

Johanna behind the wheel and the camera- A day at work!
Anders with the dressage horse Herma
Benjamin picking fruit- It gets quite heavy after a while.

Benjamin helps out with the bookeeping. (His work loead consists of everything that Anders and Lena feel is too hard to work out) Most of his time he spends in Linköping at the university. As soon as he shows up at home there is work. That is usually how we spend time together – during the daily work.