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Welcome, enter an exotic orchard for quality drinks production

Welcome, enter an exotic orchard for quality drinks production
Wow! That’s how we felt when we walked in through the gates of Sweden’s first organic commercial orchard. It was love at first sight! It’s an extremely labour intense task to renovate the old orchard founded in the beginning of the 90s. It will need lots of work over the coming years to get it into the shape we want it. It is a large trial orchard where different varieties have been tried against others. The fruits grown there are apples, pears, plums, honeyberry, cherries and wine. Focus is set on quiality way ahead of quantity. All fruit that grows here go more or less to cider and other drinks production. We like it here in the wild, crazy mix of varieties and they give us a really exclusive range of drinks. Both with and without alcohol. The insects thrive and the whole idea of nature becomes obvious in our orchard. The less we tamper with natures own order, the more will she help us keep bad insects away. Birds thrive in great numbers too. Red-listed varieties love the place and all its insects
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Approximately 6000 trees in total new and old. Parts of the orchard is still a bit of a djungle but we work slowly but surely against our goals. Each year we plant more trees of our special varieties to renew the old trees with young ones. We look for depth and complexity and variation in taste, good storage qualities in some fruits and variation in harvest time. We look to decrease the amount of storage as much as possible since cool storage is an energy demanding way to store fruit.. 

In the early summer the picking starts with the honeyberries. A lovely super berry loaded with goodies of natures own kind. Later the plum-picking starts, after that some varieties of pears and some apples. We are kept buisy with the harvest sometimes in to November. The plums we don’t use for drinks goes to restaurants and to jam makers. We press and ferment pear into perry and apple into cider.

All fruit is picked by hand. Some of the apples goes to specially selected shops that deal in organic fruit. Not many do since there sometimes are some faults in the surface like a little spot somewhere and they don’t store quite as well as conventionally grown and harvested fruits. But fruit is fresh produce and we believe in seasons. You eat it while it’s good and you preserve what you can’t eat in juices, ciders or other types of beautiful apple foods and drinks.

In the picture we are picking Höstdessert, the higher trees in the background are pear trees

Rasgärde Äppelgård

When we planted apple trees 2015 on our organically ciertified, grain growing fields in Rasgärde, the family farm since generations we had a bit of a dilemma. Which varieties should we choose? There are thousands to choose from! Since we are having them for juice and cider we are looking for complex flavours and depth in taste.We are also looking at having a variation in harvesst time so that everything doesn’t get ready at once.

In the orchard in Rasgärde we have planted som English cider trees 

Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Amanda, Somerset Redstreak, Ellis Bitter and Foxwhelp

On top of that we have some old Swedish varieties that come from the gene-bank in Julita For example; Röd Höstkalvill, Fagerö (The special apple variety of the shire of Västmanland) Signe Tillisch, Råby Rubin and Filippa.

We also have som e varieties from Finland such as Gerby Kanel, Veniöun and Pekka and Tzarens Skjöld from Estonia.

Plantering av äppelträd
Plantering äppelträd

Sorter och ännu fler sorter

A very broad range of apple varieties can be found here with common apples like Amorosa, Discovery and Karin Schneider to more obscure apples such as Pigge, Dayton, Ledsenu and Rigas Rosor. There also are som e old types of apples like Åkerö, Rubin and Rödluvan that grow in the orchard. As many of these varieties as possible we press and put on bottle to provide a range that can complement a five course meal.

To create a drinks menu of rank we need the wide range in taste, acidity, sweetness, tartness and exotic notes.W are proud to offer this today and we will keep on working towards a wider range of taste.All drinks from our orchard hold the terroir from Västra Mälardalen. A taste from a place called home for some. Minerals and complexity is the signum of that taste.

More about our varieties you’ll find here. här