Berg’s Apple Orchard

Walking through the gates of Berg’s Apple Orchard is like stepping into southern Europe - in Västmanland

In the early 90’s the orchard in Berg, Hallstahammar started as Sweden’s first commercial, organically grown apple orchard. With over 100 different kinds of fruit trees, shrubbery and wines we now have a very unique width in local organic raw product. The origin for the many different kinds of apples we grow here lays in the founder’s interest in experimental cultivation, meaning not only do we have many different kinds of apples but also many kinds that are relatively unheard of. Kinds from numerous countries. 

Apart from our must and cider tastings with tours of the production lines we offer guided tours of our fantastic apple orchard in Berg. During the tour you get to hear the full story of the founder’s strive to build an organic orchard so far north, see how we work with the trees, enjoy the nature and chirping of the many birds that live there. Experience walking around in the incredible scent of 6000 apple trees in full bloom in spring while listening to the orchards story and future plans. 

If you’re interested in a tour please contact us on or give us a call!