Köpings Musteri was born in 2015. The purpose was to convert some of the land of the farm from grain to something with higher revenue, to be able to work more and more from home with what we enjoy and eliminate coming home tired from other work to take care of the farm. We have plenty of buildings on the yard and the cidery naturally moved into one of them. What was once the farm’s original stable is today where we do the bottling and labeling of both must and cider. 

Where the calves from the earlier dairy production stood there is now pressing machinery and steel tanks crammed together. On the other side of the courtyard the horse trolley barn is now newly renovated and provides  a cosy space for the farm shop and the tastings.  

We want to make use of swedish raw product and of course particularly apples, the wonderful mythical fruit many times written of as magically powerful. We are truly happy about the rising interest in taking care of and refining the fruit you have in your backyard and we will gladly help you with that. We do both pasteurized in Bag in Box or as it is, fresh, that you can either put in the freezer or ferment to cider at home.      

Mostly we make single variety must of our apples, keeping the different varieties of apples separate. This means we have a wide collection of products with varying characters. Also in our collection we have mixed musts, under the category Forest & Orchard were specially selected berries and fruit have been mixed with our apples in carefully balanced recipes. We never mix water, sugar or any other additives in any of our beverages, we prefer the clean tastes of the raw products we use. We also ferment must to craft cider. Still learning, with help from our skillful mentors in cider making from Herefordshire, we have ciders of different sweetness and dryness and several batches of cider with malolactic fermentation that is more typically found in English or Spanish cider.      

At our cidery you can taste both our must and cider. It is still pretty new and rare in Sweden to be able to taste the alcoholic products of a cidery – welcome to try it! You sit comfortably on cheap skin at our bar tables with a deli plate to go with the tasting. Naturally we take you on a guided tour  through the production space while you’re here.