Cidery and juicery

Cidery and juicery

In 2015 Köpings Musteri was born from the need of making something of the small farm that has been passed on to us from generations before us.
To make the farm into a sustainable business we had to either increase the acreage or grow different crops together with an increased processing of the produce into a refined product
When we made the decision we came home from work, tired and craving rest to find the chores of the farm needing our attention.

The very reason that we took over the farm from the generation before us was a genuine interest. This interest deserved more focus. We decided to plant apple trees buy juice-pressing equipment and bottling machines and a pasteurizer. Now we bottle the juice and cider and label our bottles in the old stable were the horses stood that helped break this ground into fields once.

Other parts of the farm has turned into areas of tasting, storing och pressing the juice and cider-must
Now we work with the farm and what it gives. It can support many people if we plan it carefully. The very soil that once supported large families and later lost that ability as a grain producing unit can yet again proudly pay wages our workers.

The living process

In our work we want to take care of the Swedish fruit and berry produce and particularly the apple, the mythical fruit attributed with magic powers concerning, love, health, knowledge and beauty
Now we have the machinery to help private house owners make juice of their fruit in bag in boxes and we make specialized craft drinks for the restaurants in bottles.

We focus mainly on single variety juices since our orchard contains approximately 100 varieties of apples.
In the series Forest & Orchard we make first class blends with 100% juice from rhubarb, strawberry, lingonberry, blackcurrant and chokeberry mixed with apple. The unique blends have absolutely no addition of sugars, water or preservatives. Nor do they contain clarifiers, so the juice is more often than not quite cloudy.

Torr cider - Has to be tried with cheese and other umami flavours

The cider we make is dry- it has to be tried out with a Swedish cheese and other umami flavours.
Our mentors are in Herefordshire, England even though most of our cider is made from Swedish fruits some is made from cider fruit that we grow here in our orchards. Both the classic cider apples and the dessert fruit varieties mature in steel tanks and oak casks. Some are allowed to form a classic malolactic fermentation. We work with the yeast nature has provided us with as well as to some small extent commercial yeast. There is hardly any measurable sugars left in our cider once they are bottled. They are truly dry. The cider does it’s last fermentation on the bottle and gets a small lively bubble. Cider is craft. It is what it is. 100% pure apple. No sugar, no water.
Stina Carolina Cider
-Look in atVåra drycker to see what is available right now.
You can taste both the cider and the juice in a tasting. You are most welcome to read more about that and to book a tasting here!Welcome for a tasting You will, during the tasting, be seated in the building were the horse carriages stood at the beginning of the farm’s history. Of course, you will be guided through the production facilities as well as the tasting. We offer a platter of suitable Swedish delicatessen.