Farm shop


Welcome in to a unmanned shop! Open between 9-20 all working days and between

10 and 18 Saturdays and Sundays

Here you can find exclusive alcohol free alternatives for that special meal or the mingle before the party.

Juice with round taste strong in flavour for a strong tasting meal or a blanced floral light juice to accompany a lighter lunch or a salad or as a party drink. Do you have any questions? No questions is to silly, Please call. The phone numbers are in the shop. You pay by swish or call us and we’ll sort the payment by card or cash if you prefer

We also stock some other local foods and drinks. Mainly drinks but spices and canola oil sits among the juice bottles.

Look in at våra drycker to see what we carry right now!

You can also order products on the website and we will organise your order for you to come and get it or for us to send it to you by mail. If you are looking for something rare, from a limited edition, send us an email before you venture out in case it has sold out recently.

If you want some help in the shop? Call us! The phone number is on the door.

You know you can book a tasting cider och mustprovning in the cider bar in the old horse carriage shed. Fixed dates every month or be in touch to ask for other available times.