With passion for cider!

Come and share our passion for organic produce, production and development! Brake out and let yourself go in a local farm experience.
Let the local flavours grab hold of you and treat yourself to the pleasure and service of a guided tasting in our Local Grub & Tastings experience. The palette of Malus Domestica, Apple is taken to it’s extreme in our production. 

All the 30 or so non alcoholic varieties can be bought in the farm shop and the alcoholic ciders can be purchased at the local Systembolaget or ordered from any Systembolag in the country. We can help you with this process.  

Become an ambassador for clean, organic fruit, drinks made from Swedish produce and from 100% fruit and berry juice. No water, sugars or additives.  

Welcome out to the farm to meet us, try our beverages and learn more about organic farming, production and our mission to make quality before quantity and give our visitors the most of the Apple experience. 


Remember to keep your distance and that if there are more than four people in the store, wait outside. We bet on a real mingling once we are on the safe side again!

Organic craft juice and cider with our own apple orchard

In a rural, scenic environment about three kilometers from Köping is Köping’s cider mill and juicery, an organically certified cider farm with focus on good quality drinks and a healthy environment.

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Come and try our ciders and juices in a tasting were you’ll find out more about making of the cider and how the different varieties can be matched with a meal. p>

Apples are the prime produce in our production. We use 100% produce and nothing else. No water, no sugar as a rule. We believe in pure taste of the fruit and berries with a touch of the minerals of the local soil and our growing methods that complies the terroir.

Köpings Musteri is a family farm and we live for the pride in our craft, the rowing of the produce and the precise science of letting the complexity of the taste come forward. We take great pride also in our historical orchard, Bergs Äppelgård and of course our very young orchard, Rasgärde Äppelgård, as well.

Do you have apple trees? We help you turn your apples into juice!

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