The Ryberg-Ericsson family who run the farm, the orchard and the juice- and cider production decided in 2015 to grow apples as well as grains and grass. It is a challenge for Lena and Johanna since it is heavy, hectic and noisy but the thrill of picking the fruit that later turns in to golden cider is worth that and a lot more

What's going on in the cider shop?


Seven years ago the local celebrity chef Anders Johnsson contacted the us since we produced organic juices and ciders. Since then his written a cook book that has won several prices and he himself has also won great prices in the cooking arena. Now he performs for us. 

The 17:th of March at 18.00 till late he cooks whilst the guest are watching. He will serve five courses.


  •  Live cooking
  • Five courses + drinks 1350 kr
  • Cider tasting  
  • Book at info@kopingsmusteri.se
  • Make sure you write your name, contact details and how many tickets you wish to purchase. 
  • You pay at booking to secure your ticket 
  • You will receive an email with payment details
  • See it as a ticket to a concert. If you can’t make it, sell your ticket.
Rubrik Våra drycker alkoholfritt

The harvest is in bottles and the cider is fermenting!

Book a tasting. The standard tasting package includes four non alcoholic 100% fruit, berry and herb juices, cheeses, smoked ham, salami and bread

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Groups or business event? 

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Would you like to see our apples when they blossom or as fruit?

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Where dreams are made

The Ryberg-Ericsson’s dream was to make beverages from Swedish produce and to get the 35 ha organically certified farm to supply its owners with more than jusst a life style. 
Small farms are of importance to the biological diversity and to the sustainability of the whole society.

Our pickers are often from local soccer clubs or hockey clubs.

2015 we planted apple trees in a field on the farm in Köping.
2016 we expanded by buying an already fully grown organic orchard, Swedens first actually, of ten ha and 6000 trees. There we grow apples, pears, plums and other fruits and berries. 
Our entire harvest goes to the beverage production.  You can taste them all at the farm in Köping. 

With passion for beverages!

The craft runs like a thread through the process. Everything is slow and gentle. 

All fruits, berries or herbs we use arrives at the farm whole. No concentrates or ready pressed juices is included in the production. Neither aromas, preservatives, sugars or water.  

We grow a lot of odd varieties. Most of them end up as single variety juices. 

Organic craft juice and cider with our own apple orchard

In a rural, scenic environment about three kilometers from Köping is Köping’s cider mill and juicery, an organically certified cider farm with focus on good quality drinks and a healthy environment.

Come and try our ciders and juices in a tasting were you’ll find out more about making of the cider and how the different varieties can be matched with a meal.

Apples are the prime produce in our production. We use 100% produce and nothing else. No water, no sugar as a rule. We believe in pure taste of the fruit and berries with a touch of the minerals of the local soil and our growing methods that complies the terroir.

Köpings Musteri is a family farm and we live for the pride in our craft, the rowing of the produce and the precise science of letting the complexity of the taste come forward. We take great pride also in our historical orchard, Bergs Äppelgård and of course our very young orchard, Rasgärde Äppelgård, as well.

Do you have apple trees? We help you turn your apples into juice!

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